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In Tap Tap Plaza, you'll take on the role of a mall magnate on track to becoming the greatest in the world! Open a slew of trendy stores and upgrade them to keep customers pouring in with open wallets! Don't forget to hire tons of hard-working employees, too, and train them up to be money-makin' machines!

Bargain sales are a great way to keep people spending, and to attract new customers. Tap on the lobby over and over to give out coupons like there's no tomorrow, and watch as your stores become packed with patrons! Your small selection of stores will grow into a large, luxurious shopping mall. Come on over to Tap Tap Plaza, and experience the most exciting idle game out there!


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    Not your average
    idle game!
    You'll have to strategize
    and invest wisely to
    make your fortune.
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    Turn your suburban
    shopping center
    into a luxurious
    shopping mall!
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    Hire the best and
    brightest employees
    to help raise
    your revenue!
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    Begin bargain sales by
    tapping on the screen,
    and watch the
    customers pour in!